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However you identify yourself, we know you are one of the people who truly make Chattanooga a City of Creators.

Public Art Chattanooga is excited to kick off a strategic planning process that will shape the vision for the future of public art in our city. We know how valuable the creative process is to any plan, so we invite you to meet with our consultant team to provide insight and inspiration as we begin the public input process with the greater Chattanooga community.

We hope you will join us for our upcoming input sessions:

CHA Creates | Social Change Leaders Focus Group
with Causeway
Wednesday, July 18, 8:30 - 10:00AM
Held at Causeway, 16 Patten Parkway

CHA Creates | Urban Design Professionals Focus Group 
with Chattanooga Design Studio
Thursday, July 19, 12:00 - 1:30PM
Held at Miller Plaza

Join us for Social Change Focus Group:

Join us for Urban Design Focus Group:

about the plan

We are honored to have Gail M. Goldman & Associates on board to facilitate the public art strategic planning process through the end of the year. Over the course of the next seven months, we will engage Chattanooga’s diverse, creative community and not only identify sites, opportunities and goals for public artworks, but also detail policy, operational and funding strategies that include achievable action strategies that align with Chattanooga’s unique resources and capabilities. At the end of the process, the consultant team will deliver a 5 - 10 year strategic plan for the City of Chattanooga's public art program.

about our consultants

Gail Goldman has conducted twenty six city, county, and transportation-related public art master plans that include policy and legislative analysis, development of administrative guidelines, identification of artwork locations and project goals, organizational structure, funding, public/private partnerships, artist selection methodology, project implementation, and community engagement. In addition, Ms. Goldman has directed the public art programs for the City of San Diego and the State of Colorado.


Barbara Goldstein has conducted nine public art master plans and directed public art programs in Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Jose. She has organized three Public Art 101 conferences and is the author of Public Art by the Book, recognized as a definitive primer in the field. She has consulted on public art policy and planning since 2010, completing seven public art plans since 2010. These plans incorporated policy, funding strategies, community engagement, ordinance changes and procedures. She is currently completing public art plans for Glendale, CA and Bay Area Rapid Transit. She has coordinated and led workshops and webinars on Creative Placemaking, Public Art Administration and Emerging Artist Training.

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