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City Artist


Apply your creative process to City projects and systems as a Part-time employee with the City’s Department of Transportation.


Deadline to Apply: October 18 / 11:59PM EST

Part Time Salary: $25,000

Project Funding: up to $25,000


Creative Strategist


Develop engagement and art-making activities to build relationships with Chattanooga residents and draw out interests, needs, and aspirations to inform future public art projects.


Deadline to Apply: October 18 / 4pm EST

Budget: $12,000+

Community Muralist

Work with the community to design and create exterior murals for the Avondale and Brainerd Youth & Family Development Centers.


Deadline to Apply: October 17 / 4PM EST

Budget: $30 per square foot + artist’s fee for community workshops

Artwork Selection Panels

Every project has a different artwork selection panel comprised of Chattanooga citizens with a specific interest or expertise including: artists, community and business representatives, architects, landscape architects, art and/or design professionals, and City of Chattanooga representatives. This panel reviews submissions for a public art project and makes recommendations to the Public Art Commission.

Serve on an artwork selection panel.

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