East Lake Public Art Project
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The Organization and Its Mission

ELLA Chattanooga is a community organization in the Chattanooga neighborhood of East Lake that nurtures the expression and exchange of knowledge and culture through story sharing, using different modes and mediums of artistic expression to connect the people of East Lake. As the Creative Engagement Lead, ELLA is enabling the East Lake neighborhood to produce a unique public art project.  


ELLA recognizes the general recurring themes of why East Lake residents don’t frequent public spaces: safety, trash and vandalism, lack of communication, and lack of trust. Alleyways and vacant lots are ridden with trash and bulk waste giving the perception of neglect, which this leads to safety issues and prevents people from walking the neighborhood and enjoying public spaces. ELLA’s community engagement efforts encourage multi-disciplinary collaboration in the public and private sector to create vibrant public spaces — and to encourage East Lake residents create a vision and appreciation of public art.

The Projects

SOUND OF CLEAN: During a five-day series of trash cleanups, the ELLA team records and discusses sounds associated with the neighborhood. A percussion instrument is fabricated with the trash materials sourced from the neighborhood clean-up, and a soundscape piece inspired by the sounds is written. 


SOUNDSCAPE: In celebration of Make Music Day, the soundscape piece is premiering on June 21st, along with a feature of various musical artists from East Lake.


PUBLIC ART BOARD: Twenty examples of Public Art are displayed on an 82” x 82” board that community members interact with and respond with feedback and preferences.  


CAREER PATH: A community engagement career path links East Lake Elementary and East Lake Academy. The path is constructed with stenciled markings linked by a question that the children from both schools fill with their hopes and aspirations. Responses on segments of the path currently remain non-permanent, such that individuals may continue to respond to the question.


EAST LAKE GALLERY: The East Lake Gallery includes photographs, videos, and multimedia artworks being created by East Lake residents during the time of Creative Engagement in their community. 


SOAP BOX: A platform that allows any and all the space to stand and respond to a prompt in regards to public art.


In addition to these events, Soap Box and the Sound of Clean Soundscape travel throughout the neighborhood of East Lake to engage people where they are: Youth and Family Development (YFD) Center, schools, convenience stores, laundromats, along with other community events during the time of the Creative Engagement.

The People

JAZMINE LEBLANC - Executive Director, ELLA

Jazmine has twelve years of experience in project and event management. A multi-disciplinary dabbler, she is very pragmatic and the perfect pairing to the art world.


AUDREY MENARD - Artistic Director, ELLA

Audrey is a community-loving, bilingual teaching artist who shares her appreciation for colors and textures. She is a trained artist who possesses patience and understanding to explain complicated practices to help anyone feel like an artist.

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